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    Recruitment Process

    Students applying for Hengxing Enterprise should apply for the position first. After the resume screening and initial test, the company arranges the evaluation and re-examination as needed. Through the excellent students who challenge, you can get the off

    Recruitment trip

    City Institution Recruitment form Recruitment time Recruitment location
    City:Zhanjiang Institution:Guangdong Ocean University Recruitment form:Double election Recruitment time:April 27 Recruitment location:Guangdong Ocean University Huguang Campus

    Recruitment position

    According to the company's development needs, Hengxing Enterprise has provided a number of posts for the 2019 outstanding graduates, and welcomes the university students to apply for it!

    Job Profession Education Number of people Work place Release time
    Marketing clerk Aquaculture | Animal Science | Animal Medicine College degree or above Unlimited Zhuhai|Iris|Jiangmen 2019-07-30
    Profession: Aquaculture | Animal Science | Animal Medicine Education: College degree or above Number of people: Unlimited Work place: Zhuhai|Iris|Jiangmen

    Basic requirements:

    1. Education level: college degree or above
    2. Work experience: none
    3. Professional requirements: aquaculture, animal science, animal medicine
    4. Salary treatment: Negotiable
    5. Job Categories: Business
    6. Working location: Zhuhai, Shanwei, Jiangmen
    7. Validity period: 2019-12-18

    Job Responsibilities:

    Market development and maintenance, maintain good communication with customers, and keep abreast of market trends;
    1、Love Hengxing business and adapt to Hengxing corporate culture; 
    2、Can bear hardships and stand hard work, have a firm will quality; 
    3、Have good professional ethics; 
    4、Strong communication and coordination skills;
    5、Have strong learning and innovation ability; 
    6、Can consciously obey the company's work arrangements.
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